What is Retracing?

What is Retracing?

The body’s cells have a memory of injury, trauma or past illnesses.

Therefore these imbalances or toxins from the past that contributed to health issues, injury or disease need to re-establish metabolism balance and release toxins during the healing process and cellular regeneration in order to restore homeostasis.

This process is known as ‘retracing’.  Not everyone experiences this, but for some people as the toxins are removed or metabolic shifts take place or injuries repaired they may feel tired or light symptoms such as transient headaches, a rash or aches and pains depending on a person’s past conditions. 

Most healing reactions are mild and pass quickly – they are perfectly normal and a positive sign as the body heals and energy increases.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water. As with all detoxification processes, a high intake of water is recommended.

If retracing is experienced simply reduce the amount of Laminine you are taking. If you are taking four capsules per day, you could reduce it to two capsules per day.

If you are taking two capsules per day, you might reduce it to one capsule per day before returning to your regular dosage.