The Perfect Supplement

The Perfect Supplement

My Testimonial

Like most business owners, I am approached all the time by companies to include their products as part of my business.  

To endorse a supplement and recommend to others as not only part of my health coaching business, but as my reputation as a health care provider, I need to ensure I believe in the product 100% and through my own experience benefit from it also.

As I am a bodybuilder, supplements are very much a part of my regime and I do believe supplements are necessary for good health for everyone due to the declining quality of our soil and food supply however I do not endorse meal replacements as there is just no substitute for real whole food; it is what our stone age bodies are designed for.

My initial 12 months on Laminine was nothing short of life changing. 

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Shortly before my first competition in March 2013, my knees emerged as an issue after years and years of incorrect training practises. 

Like most of us we can get away with things in our youth... And I was no exception to the typical cardio bunny in the gym.

Intense weight training was a new experience for me despite its corrective nature for my posture and other injuries it was inevitable that my youth was going to catch up on me. 

 Having been unsuccessful in placing and overall my body recovering remarkably well for my age from my first competition I decided to continue to my second competition in October 2013.

Despite modifications to my training (no full range squats, split squats or lunges) it was becoming increasingly clear that my pain was becoming too difficult to manage.

Immediately after every leg session I had to ice my knees sitting at my desk, Epsom salt baths nightly, I would go to bed with ice packs on and need pain killers to sleep, I was having weekly physio, massage and every other week I had 10 glucose injections into each knee.  Yes; I was in agony and even going to the bathroom was a challenge... Talk about dedication!  Or insanity?
I was referred to a highly sort after sports physician who looked at my MRI and tried very compassionately and gently to tell me my weight lifting days were over. 

My knees are degenerative and my right knee in particular has less than half the cartilage it should.

I was told I needed surgery years before my time and my training would need to consist of swimming for the rest of my life.  Huh?  Are you kidding?!!  He agreed to help me to stage one last time and cortisone was scheduled for 4 weeks out as I was terrified of having one of my shooting pains on stage!!  And, of course, I was only allowed one cortisone injection in each knee.

I had been introduced to Laminine by a good friend and it was around this time that I started taking it.  

I didn't do much research at the time and I wasn't expecting miracles, I trusted my friend and added it to my supplement regime.

Cortisone only lasts 6-8 weeks and despite the warnings, post competition I continued to train to the same level... and still do....  the pain never returned!!!  

I started taking Laminine for pain management however the other benefits I have noticed is the incredible anti-aging affect it has on my skin!!! 

Wrinkles are disappearing, my skin seems to have this youthful glow, is soft and supple and I no longer need botox!

My nails grow so long and fast they annoy me and the girls at my nail salon laugh at me as they clip my nails every time I go in. 

My hair, despite being dyed blonde for most of my adult life, is returning to its youthful length and lustre. 

I sleep soundly and having suffered depression all my life I feel calmer and better able to cope with the downs of life.  Plus my energy levels would challenge anyone half my age.

To add to my own experience, and a funny coincidence, around the same time my beloved then 18yo Himalayan cat started limping.... 

She could no longer jump on the bed or sofa.   I knew this was the beginning to the end and was preparing myself for the worst.  My vet diagnosed torn ligaments in her knee, I had to laugh!  and all he can do for a cat that age is omega 3 and periodic pain killers. 

I had just got in my shipment of Laminine and had heard that it was safe for animals and that there were even some miraculous recoveries for older pets.  What did I have to lose?  

Her limping stopped within two weeks...  she was jumping on the sofa within the month and the bed was also no longer a problem.  She has bursts of energy like a kitten and her eyes are clear and full of life. 

Laminine extended her life by another 2 years! She passed in 2016.

(for more information on pets watch the videos on the Testimonials page at the bottom of the page)

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Clearly I cant recommend Laminine enough!

Please read some of the factual information I have included, further testimonials, watch some of the videos and click here to order now!Whatever your ailment, or even for vanity! there is no doubt in my mind, if taken correctly and your intestines are absorbing all nutrients effectively, you will benefit from this truly miraculous supplement