The list of ailments that Laminine will assist with and the amount of testimonials now on the internet is extensive. 

This includes serious conditions such as cancer, stroke, fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, diabetes, hypertension; this list goes on.

I have included a handful below, including details for animals at the bottom of the page, however please do some of your own research on any particular condition that is not covered. 

Please also read all my other pages to gain an understanding of this miraculous supplement and you will agree that there are very few conditions that Laminine will not support in some way. 

The simple fact that Laminine reduces cortisol is enough for it to have an impact on any condition.

Energy & Pain Relief – Wendy is relieved from debilitating knee pain and chronic fatigue

Osteoarthritis – 81 and now free of medication and pain free since taking Laminine.

Energy & Fitness – 8 times World Masters Champion runner Geraldine Finegan talks about her experience with taking Laminine.

ADHD, Aspergers & Depression - Laminine helps improve symptoms.

Energy & Depression – Gene had no energy and could not get out of bed.  Since taking Laminine has lots of energy and is loving life.

Parkinsons & Tinnitus -  A Doctor talks about Tinnitus & a patient’s improvement from Parkinsons

If your pet has health issues, arthritis pain, joint discomfort Laminine can help ease the pain.  Open a capsule, mix with food or on your hand and allow them to lap it up. The ingredients will help decrease joint discomfort in animals as it may stimulate stem cells in the joints, helping to repair articular cartilage of the joints.