Educate & Inspire

I don't know about you, but when I walked out of school I thought that is it as far as my education goes, I don't need to study ever again!  I clearly wasn't a good student, I resented having to memorise boring facts for exams on topics I had zero interest in and as a result I only scraped through.

As I didn't fall into the academic intelligence category, I spent the majority of my young adult years thinking I was dumb...  I fell victim to the influence of mainstream media as well as the attitude of the people around me and my learning from there on was limited to what was on the news, what the clever marketers chose to use in their adverts or the opinions of others. What makes us think that there is nothing more to learn in life after we finish school or university...?  How are we going to be successful, obtain premium health, achieve our dreams, overcome obstacles if we don't educate ourselves on how?  Not sure I remember being educated on these topics at school.. Nor do I recall being inspired at school... And we don't need to undertake further formal qualifications to continue to learn we just need to be open to improvement of knowledge and self.

I am now always reading, trying to learn from others how they achieved what I want to achieve; whether that be health, wealth or researching topics to form my own opinion rather than just accepting what is the current trend. There are always two sides to every story if you take the time to research. And there is nothing more motivating than reading an inspirational book to get you pumped to achieve your own goals!

So here is a collection of my favourite books and documentaries; some I have read or watched many, many times!  I hope you enjoy and learn something new 🙂