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“I have admired Jane for a long time, as we were fellow members at the same gym for many years.  I first met Jane after coming across a media article about her inspiring personal story, and how she coaches women to help them overcome adversity and reach their full potential.

I was intrigued to find out how Jane developed her amazing strength and incredible physique, so I enrolled in one of her online programs where I learned many interesting nutritional tips and guidelines that I was able to incorporate into my routine straight away with great results.

I was excited when Jane announced that she started her personal training business, and immediately signed up with her.  Jane taught me the techniques and benefits of using free weights, and her coaching has given me the confidence to use the gym floor alongside other weightlifters.  I have worked with other personal trainers in the past, and what I love about Jane is that her exercises are practical and effective – no strange moves that make me feel or look awkward in front of others!

Our personal training sessions were interrupted with gym closures due to Covid, and when lockdown began I noticed a few unhealthy habits starting to creep in.  I promptly called Jane to enquire about mindset coaching and re-setting of my fitness goals, as I wanted to come out of lockdown healthier, with stronger immunity than before.

I worked with Jane as a private client and although I was generally healthy and practicing some positive mindset techniques, going through the process with Jane was an amazing and valuable experience.  The tools and coaching that she provided helped to renew my focus, gave me a fresh perspective and was just the re-set that I needed during a challenging time.

From a nutritional perspective I suffered with sugar cravings for as long as I can remember, and after making just a few tweaks to my diet, I was able to cure the crazy cravings in a matter of days.  This has been absolutely life changing!  I am feeling healthier, more at peace and sleeping better than ever before.

I have also been able to share the knowledge I’ve learned with my family, and my daughters are particularly benefiting from the positive mindset tools and techniques.  The benefits from following Jane’s program have exceeded my expectations and delivered a great deal of value to my life.  Signing up with Jane has been the best investment I have made in myself, and I highly recommend her coaching services to anyone interested in positive change to their health, nutrition and mindset"                                                                                                                                                                                                                

- Jane Langof, August 2021


“I'd been following Jane since 2019 & was always inspired by her commitment to exercise, mindset work, realistic nutrition, ability to overcome injuries naturally and how incredibly in shape she is.
Who wouldn't want to have a body like hers!  I signed up with Jane 10 weeks ago with the goals of building upper body strength, losing 4kg of belly fat and learning new things to mix up my stale exercise regime.
I had never worked with a coach, so paying for one was a big deal. The last 10 weeks have gone beyond my expectations!

In this short space of time, & even with Xmas, here are a few of the things I have achieved and there is so much more! Not only have I shed the belly fat - I have developed a lean toned tum!
I credit this to the small changes we made to my diet and 100% to lifting heavy weights which I was pretty cynical about.. now I am totally hooked!
I have been a runner and practiced yoga for 20 years. Yet I'd been carrying a 4kg belly around for 10 years despite killing myself with cardio. Not helped by hitting my 40's or so I thought.
It has now GONE! My yoga is 100% improved (commented on by my teacher), I have more energy than I knew I had, even my sleeping is better.

Jane has an intuitive style of coaching & provides gentle nudges without making you feel like you are being "trained", lectured or reprimanded. The Zoom sessions make the critical difference between this & other programs as they hold you accountable. The online study portal she has created to support is amazing, but it's the 1:1 coaching that is key. As an already active person, Jane was able to fine tune my regime and in fact advised me to cut down. I was OVERtraining! is that possible? YES. who knew that's why I was limping in the morning. I don't limp anymore!
And she personalised my program making it FUN and varied!

It may sound like an investment but this is about investing in you so you can be the best version of yourself! It actually works out cheaper than weekly PT sessions.
I can’t recommend Jane enough!
I honestly could not have done this without her.
I will continue to work with Jane to better myself physically & emotionally well into the future”

- Julie Gray, January 2021


"I was feeling unhappy in most areas of my life & in desperate need for change, I was blessed to find Jane online & start one on one coaching with her. Jane helped me transform my life & with her amazing knowledge, training techniques, tools & support, I found the strength to leave a very toxic marriage, come off medication & have improved my mind, body & soul! I have continued to kick more health goals by completing Jane’s Nourish your Body Beautiful course.

Jane is empowering & will challenge you to be your very best. She is passionate about health, wellness & fitness, has your best interest at heart & will be there every step of the way. Thank you for everything Jane, I could not have got to this point without you!!"

- Samantha Edwards, November 2020


"Before meeting Jane my life was like a shadow, forced to follow my own footsteps which took me far and wide ready to lose it all. Competing with anxiety and depression, feeling depleted, empty, directionless and lonely I knew it was time to get myself to the other side, it was the only way.

During my time with Jane I was instantly magnetized by her ability to make me feel so comfortable and non judgmental. I had many down days/weeks and Jane was always there having my back and guiding me through my journey. 6 months on and I’m no longer the victim of my story but the writer of my life. I no longer suffer from heart palpitations, my sleep has never been better, I have so much more energy and I have fallen in love with life again. My relationship with myself is always expanding, I have learnt to love and appreciate myself, always speaking to myself with love and kindness and on the road to a more fulfilling life, one that is so much better than the one before.

Thank you endlessly Jane for all the hard work and effort you put into being my coach! Working with you made me feel very supported and I felt the connection we had was very special and full of love. I honestly don’t think I would’ve got through this without you and I am just so humbled to work with such an inspirational and transformational lady such as yourself, thank you and so much love!"

- Isabella Abbatangelo, April 2020


"Jane has amazing advice and incredible insight into what you need to do to create positive change in your life. She is extremely intuitive and can pick up in an instant thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you. Jane goes over and beyond to do everything to assist you to make changes that will improve your life like you have never known before. Jane is extremely supportive and will always be there if you need her for advice in between private coaching sessions.

The online courses are all amazing and provide tools for life once you sign up.

In a little as three months my life has turned around thanks to Jane. I have fully recovered from lingering health issues, I have more energy than I ever have, I feel extremely confident, more than I ever have before, and have made many changes that have improved my happiness and the quality of my life in general. I can’t recommend Jane enough whether it’s the Empowerment Academy which incorporates everything I have done, the online courses or private coaching. She’s amazing, I’m so glad I found her! Thanks so much Jane!"

- Jennifer Trute, February 2020


"Many positive things have changed in my life since commencing The Empowerment Academy. Some include I met a wonderful man during the course and am now in a committed relationship! My thinking and attitude has became more motivated and positive. I've been able to pay off my credit card! I've decreased my antidepressant medication! I now focus on self love & self care. I have restarted doing some of my passions.I breath more deeply, I laugh more! Life has certainly changed for me!”

- Maria Barnes, December 2019


"Jane saved my life! It's no exaggeration. I was suicidal. Zoning out on sleeping pills. Got admitted to psychiatric hospital. I felt hopeless. No amount of meds, psychology appointments, friends advice or even sleep helped. I knew there had to be another way but I was soul exhausted.

By pure miracle Jane crossed my path. The content of her program is spot on! In the exact right order for recovery. It gently reprograms your mindset. You have to want it. You have to put the time in. But it's so worth it! I am confident, strong, positive. I love myself!

I love life! A 180 turnaround in a mere 12 weeks. I am immensely grateful! I am alive!"

- Bernadette Raven, December 2019


"Jane is the REAL DEAL. Jane is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her passion to grow people is contagious. The Empowerment Academy has been fundamental in enabling me to make significant positive changes and take control of my life during a time of adversity.

As a professional with a degree and masters I found Janes program delivered with her knowledge and life experiences I am no longer weighed down by situations outside of my control.

Through simple and practical daily habits I am excited with the positive changes working towards accomplishing achievements that I previously believed to be out of reach.

Janes teachings have not only changed my life for the better but enabled a better life for my family.

My children are more academically focused, learning essential skills to manage stress and making positive changes in their lives. My family as a whole are more active, eating better and communication is more lively and humorous.

Knowing what I have learnt in The Empowerment Academy I am confident that I can manage whatever situation comes my way and I am excited for what the future may deliver adopting Janes principles.

I cant thank Jane enough and highly recommend Janes programs if you are wanting more out of life"

- Andrea Rowe, September 2019


"Taking part in The Empowerment Academy has changed my life. I've gone from being on antidepressants for depression and anxiety, to being completely medication free. My jeans fit better! I actually crave healthy food. I've discovered that learning about health is fascinating. I've started to accept myself for who I am now, rather than saving my self-love for when I'm skinny. Most importantly, I FEEL better, mentally and physically.

AND this has all happened in 12 weeks!

I get so overwhelmed by all the information out there about losing weight, and I get so upset about all the 'ideal bodies' in the media making me feel like I'm disgusting. Jane has taught me that it's ok not to be skinny - I'm still beautiful. She has taught me to accept myself and love myself for who I am right now, while still making changes for my health rather than for my weight and appearance.

I run my own business, so it can be easy to put off exercising and healthy eating because "I'm just too busy", but Jane has taught me that I am more important than my business and I can do more amazing work when I'm 100% healthy. I now have a routine where I can eat healthily, without having to spend eternity in the kitchen, and do short and sweet exercise routines that I actually enjoy before I start my work day.

So not only have I lost weight, come off medication, started to love myself, seen a big improvement in my mental health and developed a craving for healthy food, I am also improving my business and my income!"

- Amber Phillips, May 2019


"I have been in the health & wellness industry for 20 years.  I have practised in my own health and well-being business of 11 years that I am totally passionate about, helping my clients to feel at their optimal best.  But even I felt the need to find someone to help me through some low times this year. Thats when I was drawn to Jane, I wasn't going to confide in just anyone.

The first time I saw Jane was on TV. I knew then that she was who I needed to talk to. I knew she was a strong determined women; you have to be to accomplish what she has in her life.

Jane was the type of coach I needed to get me to where I am now in my life. Feeling so much better about myself and overcoming some family and business issues. Even though she gave me some tough love sometimes she had too to make it sink in. Jane will go over and above so you thrive in all areas of you life, nothing is too hard for her.

With out a word of a lie Jane has been one of the best inspiration in my life. I highly recommend anybody that needs some guidance in their life on any level to contact her. I am so glad I did!"

- Dianne Larson, November 2018


"I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Jane and all the positive changes she has made to my life. With her help and guidance, she has completely turned my life around. I have gone from being largely overweight, with constant pain, just meandering through life with no purpose or goals, and living as an extension of my family with no real value or identity of my own.

Jane has helped bring me back to life!!

I have an increase in energy, I am sleeping better at night, and I have started losing weight. My constant pain has gone!! My personal relationships have all improved, I think clearer, and feel motivated and inspired each day. Jane has helped me see my own self worth. I finally feel like I am living, and not just existing!! I am loving my new happier, healthier lifestyle. I couldn’t have done it without Jane, and will be forever thankful for her help!!"

- Navellen Pomfret, April 2018


"Meeting Jane was divine intervention. Coming off from almost a decade of struggle stemming from a run of family, financial and personal issues I spent years juggling depression, medication and psychologists. With every passing year, I loathed myself, my body and although functioning with a husband and kids – I was just doing that - functioning. I was not living and I could not see all the positives in my life as the amount of negativity overwhelmed all of it!

Jane was inspirational. She enabled me to be empowered. Jane taught me invaluable information about my diet and how it affected me. She managed to get through to me that I was in control of my feelings and my life and I had the power to make positive changes. It was something I had read about before, and believed but once a closed the book could not put into practice.

Jane has changed not only my life but that of my family. My family are eating better as I can now make better, more informed choices. I am so much calmer with the kids, with my husband and better at my job. I have shed those few extra kilos but I realise that that wasn’t really the issue... I can see the light now; I can see more positives in my life. It’s honestly just like a heavy cloud lifted and I can now see the amazing view.

I consider myself to still be a work in progress but I say that happily; as I know today is great but I will be better tomorrow, stronger, fitter, and happier. I am even beginning to get my mojo back...something I had thought was gone forever (trust me my husband is thanking Jane too!).

I dare anyone who spends time with this incredible woman not to be inspired. To commit your life to helping others in this way is just amazing in itself, she is an angel for me and I truly am lucky to have met her! I say thank you to Jane but I know words will never quite be enough xxxxxx"

- Antonia Manca, July 2014