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If you would like to speak to me prior to ordering, phone 0412 556 453 or click here to email me.

You have the option of purchasing at retail or wholesale prices.  Purchasing at wholesale prices means you will join LPGN however you can remain as a customer without participating.  Learn more about the business opportunity they provide here.

When you purchase Laminine you will see an option to select the Auto Delivery Program.

This means that your Laminine order will be posted to you automatically every month until you change or cancel it.

As most of us lead busy lives, this option is recommended, as you do not want to run out as this will delay the effects of Laminine

Laminine can take up to 4 months to take effect for some people.

Your auto delivery can easily be changed or cancelled at any time – you have control. 

If you DO want to have the auto delivery in place – when placing your first order select the Activation Pack (recommended) and hit Continue at the bottom of the page.  The next screen is the Auto Deliver page.

Add Laminine 30 count (depending on your dosage) and scroll to the bottom of the page to select the date you wish your auto delivery to start. 

Select Continue to check out.

If you DO NOT want the auto delivery just click ‘Continue’ on the Auto Delivery Page to proceed direct to check out.

All prices are in US dollars. Click here for further details on wholesale cost.

You will also see the full list of products and costs by following the buy now link below (you can easily opt out without committing to buying) 

Shipping is done direct from the US via DHL Global Mail within approximately 7 to 10 days.

Click here to view information on recommended dosages and retracing.

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