My book!

Finding Myself from ​the Outside In

Beating Depression and Debuting as a Fitness Model at 46!

If you ask any therapist or self-help guru they will tell you that to overcome emotional issues and find happiness it all starts from the inside.

That your body and appearance should have nothing to do with how you feel about yourself and your life. It’s what’s on the inside that counts right? Happiness is an inside job...?

But how can I feel good about myself when I am too fat, skinny, ugly, old. How can I feel good about my life when I don't have the house, man, career, money, kids.

I have spent a life time obsessed with my weight, a life time obsessed with my appearance, a life time obsessed with chasing the white picket fence dream and a life time suffering from depression!

As women we put ourselves under so much pressure to be perfect in both appearance and in all the multiple roles society expects of a woman and then we beat ourselves up continually when we fall short.



Why are we not taught at school...

  • how to cultivate a healthy relationship with ourselves and why it is so critical for our happiness…?
  • the life skills needed to be a good parent, to deal with heartache, depression, anxiety, death, divorce…?
  • how to provide the correct nutrition for our bodies and why it is so important…?

Empowerment Coach

 Fitness Model


I am now fully recovered from lifelong debilitating depression caused by a lack of the skills needed to deal with life’s challenges and the unwritten pressure from society on women.  

In sharing my journey I will show you my approach to life that has relieved me of the burden that nearly all us women feel to be perfect in both appearance and in all the many roles women are expected to perform.

You will learn the following:
  • How to nourish your one model issued, has to last a life time body, for premium health, well-being, longevity and to reverse the aging process.
  • How to wade through all the conflicting information on nutrition.
  • How the connection between the health of your body directly affects the health of your mind and outlook on life.
  • How to tend to the health of your mind to empower you to discover your inner goddess and find that rockin mojo! 

“I have always suffered from depression and anxiety due to a bad childhood. By improving my diet and exercise I have also improved my mental health. This is a benefit that I didn’t even think existed, I purely started my weight loss journey to drop some weight. Over the years I have had counselling for my depression and anxiety but the best improvement has been in the past few months with Jane. I would have to say it is the best that I have felt in years. I am truly blessed to have met Jane, and I know my life has changed for the better”

- Cynthia Bradley


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Here's what others are saying about my book!

"This story is a must read for women of any age who have struggled with self-esteem, body image issues and depression. The author tells her story with raw honesty and humour, while leaving you with a blueprint for leading a healthier and happier life. I never struggled with depression but the body image issues Jane talks about in this book every single woman can relate to especially ME! An easy quick read packed full of useful, easy to follow tips for making small changes in your life that can produce big results. This book is a big thumbs up from me. My only regret is that I didn't read something like this 30 years ago; it would definitely helped with my own body image issues."​​

Jane Curnow

Meet the New Jane!

With a life littered with addictions, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, heartache and insecurities Jane took on the ultimate attempt at satisfying the ego to compete as a fitness model at the tender age of 46.  Through this intense journey to achieve the perfect female form, driven by vanity and low self-esteem, she inadvertently stumbles across the answers she had spent a life time searching for.

Drawing on lessons learned from her journey to stage and furthering her studies through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition®, Jane provides her unique insights on the body/mind connection, and how you can easily apply these lessons to your everyday life.

“I inspire women. I shine a light into their heart and grow their inner goddess. I find their lost mojo and develop their inner sparkle. I am not just a coach but the loyal, fanatical fan that leads the cheer squad giving my undying support that will transform into self-support beyond their wildest expectations. Health will be the catalyst for a change in perspective and an understanding of the power of premium health and how amazing our body and life is supposed to feel!"

- Jane Curnow