Laminine and Pain Relief

Laminine and Pain Relief

Testimony of Dr. Clark Pierce PHD Biochemist and Stem Cell Expert on Laminine & Pain Relief.

This is my testimony of Laminine and how I came to be introduced to it. I cannot deny how effective it is for pain. It should work for everybody as it did for me. 

I was in a very bad automobile accident and had a serious neck injury. My pain which was excruciating was managed by taking Laminine, much better than oxycodone.

The repair of my neck through taking Laminine was experienced over a 6 month period without surgery which was deemed by the medical establishment the only solution to repair my neck wound.

This is my story.

“The clinical assessment of my injury was severe trauma and damage to 4 cervical vertebras and discs.

 I was informed that my injuries could only be repaired by surgery.

The pain was so severe that they put me on 30mgs of oxycodone daily. That made me sick and did very little to relieve the pain. The pain was now all consuming and it took all my energy and concentration to just make it through another day.

As the pain increased with each day, I noticed my quality of life slipping away. I could not continue my normal activities. I was sinking into a hopeless despair. I was wondering if my quality life would ever return.

A good friend introduced me to Laminine and suggested I try it for pain. My friend knew that I had researched and studied natural products for many years. He told me it would be the greatest product I would ever experience.

He told me it was stem cells from a 9 day old chicken egg. I had never heard of so much malarkey.

I knew that stem cells were derived from the human placenta and the umbilical cord. I was so bad off that I decided to try it.

I began taking the Laminine hoping against hope for any kind of positive result. To my utter amazement in just 3 days, I noticed my pain subsiding.

It was absolutely miraculous that in just 1 week I could return to my normal activities. I no longer had to take pain medication.

The hospital staff seemed reluctantly excited about my pain relief. They were quick to remind me I needed to schedule surgery as soon as possible.

I was reticent to schedule the surgery because each passing day I was feeling better. I had experienced great pain relief and was gradually gaining back my mobility in my neck.

I decided that I would study Laminine from a scientific position. 

I gathered up all the known information and read about 1500 pages of science. I talked to doctors in the company and the researchers.

I became convinced that the stem cells in the 9 day old chicken egg were in fact Fibro Blast Growth factor 1 and 2, and that they were non-differentiated.  Once in the body the brain would give them an assignment to correct the various needs of the body. There were so many health benefits that I could not believe it.

I also could not believe how inexpensive taking Laminine was. I also discovered that everybody was different and that by increasing the dose, there were many more benefits. Some needs required more than 1 Laminine capsule per day and in fact some maladies require up to 8 capsules per day.

I have no pain and I have full movement of my neck.

I still take some Laminine, but the dose is down to 1 capsule per day. I was on 6 capsules per day for over 6 months. I have not had the surgery and I do not need it.

I believe that it is truly magical for repairing the human body. I believe it is anti-aging to an old decrepit body. You should not waste 1 minute buying it. This is my testimony.”