Laminine and Energy

Energy and Physical Strength

Recent clinical studies have shown that Laminine thoroughly out performs other food supplements in the areas of endurance, training and muscle tissue repair.

The Laminine OPT9 and creatine perfectly reinforce each other. The net result of using this synergistic combination is proven increased physical and mental performance, decreased fatigue, and a reduced risk of energy depletion in the muscles.

Back in 1996, a double-blind trial on the use of Proto Embryonic Stage Extract (PESE) as found in Laminine conducted at the University of Colorado showed that the group using it experienced a strength increase that was nearly double that of the group using creatine.

PESE and creatine together were found to outperform creatine and other food supplements in the areas of endurance, training, motivation, and subjective health and well-being, and it has the enthusiastic endorsement of many top athletes.

They report recovering faster after training. This is linked to a substantial reduction in lactic acid production, which also contributes to increased stamina.

But what does creatine have to do with OPT9? It appears that creatine and the egg protein fractions that are found in OPT9 reinforce each other, resulting in a prominent increase in effectiveness.

This means that bodybuilders and athletes experience greatly enhanced benefits when adding Laminine to their regimen.

No wonder the product has the enthusiastic endorsement of so many professional athletes and bodybuilders.

Regular use of Laminine helps to:

  • Improve stamina and energy
  • Enhance muscle tone and increase physical strength
  • Heal injuries and relieve pain
  • Delay lactic acid production
  • Tolerate longer training sessions
  • Enjoy faster post workout recovery
  • Increase libido/sexual desire