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Empowerment Chat

It’s time to take control of your health & well-being and feel deeply at peace with your body, self & life gorgeous woman!

Empowerment Chat

It’s time to take control of your health & well-being and feel deeply at peace with yourself, body & life gorgeous woman!

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WELCOME beautiful! I am SO excited you are here!
If you are over the daily battle with your body, food, weight, health, & fatigue you are in the right place!
My mission for this lifetime is to empower you to reclaim your health, body confidence & freedom through nourishing your body to BEAUTIFUL!

I want you to feel happy, healthy & SEXY in your body!  As I now do, after suffering for decades!

During your FREE confidential chat with me we will dive into your current situation & challenges, formulate your road map & light up your pathway to FREEDOM! I have numerous programs with varying price points & support levels from me.  We will determine together which is the best program for you!
I cant wait to meet you!! xoxo

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“Taking part in Janes programs have changed my life. I’ve gone from being on antidepressants for depression & anxiety, to being completely medication free!  My jeans fit better! I actually crave healthy food now.  I’ve discovered that learning about health is fascinating. I’ve started to accept myself for who I am now, rather than saving my self-love for when I am skinny.  I have also improved by business & income! Most importantly I FEEL better mentally & physically. AND all this happened in 12 weeks!

Thank you so much Jane!”

Amber Phillips

“I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Jane and all the positive changes she has made to my life. With her help and guidance she has completely turned my life around. I have gone from being largely overweight, with constant pain, just meandering through life with no purpose or goals and living as an extension of my family with no real value or identity of my own.
Jane has brought me back to life!!
I have an increase in energy, I am sleeping better at night & I have started losing weight! My constant pain gone! My personal relationships have all improved. I think clearer and feel motivated and inspired each day. Jane has helped me see my own self-worth separate from my body. I finally feel like I am living and not just existing! I am loving my new happier, healthier lifestyle. I couldn’t have don it without Jane and will be forever thankful for her help!!”

Navallan Pomfret


 Since working with Jane my life has improved. Jane has given me a better understanding of food. This has improved my health, sleep and of course dropping a couple of dress sizes! I was pushing close to a size 20 and now I’m back in some of my size 16 clothes! I cant thank Jane enough!

Cynthia Bradley


 Jane has changed not only my life but that of my family. My family are eating better as I can now make better, more informed choices. I am so much calmer with the kids, with my husband and better at my job. I have shed those few extra kilos but I realise that that wasn’t really my issue… I can see the light now; I can see more positives in my life. It’s honestly just like a heavy cloud lifted and I can now see the amazing view!

Antonia Manca

Jane has amazing advice and incredible insight into what you need to do to create positive change in your life. She is extremely intuitive and can pick up in an instant thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve you. Jane goes over and beyond to do everything to assist you to make changes that will improve your life like you have never known before. 


In a little as three months my health & life have turned around thanks to Jane. I have fully recovered from lingering health issues, I have more energy than I ever have, I feel extremely confident, more than I ever have before, and have made many changes that have improved my happiness and the quality of my life in general. I can’t recommend Jane enough. She’s amazing, I’m so glad I found her! Thanks so much Jane!

Jennifer Trute

Work with me

Here’s what I want you to know about the level of my work and how Iʼm unlike any other coach out there…


  • I have LIVED experience of 20+ years’ of suffering what you are in some form.
  • I have applied all that I teach to my own body & life and I think it shows! I am 50 in the photo below.
  • I have healed myself naturally from clinical depression, anxiety, eating disorders & substance abuse largely due to the change in diet & lifestyle around food
  • I have healed myself naturally from an endless list of both minor & major physical health complaints. From regular UTIs to osteoarthritis to painful periods to adrenal fatigue to IBS to getting sick way too often to a symptom FREE menopause! All achieved through using food to heal.
  • I have a proven method of 5+ years of permanently transforming women’s bodies, health, relationships, mindset, lifestyle & life!

About me…

The Fitness Model at 50 years young!

Jane Curnow is the founder and CEO of JaneCurnow.com and the creator of the transformational online fitness & health coaching program, The Body Beautiful Academy.  A leader, healer, personal trainer, coach & mentor, Jane is deeply passionate about her work and making her contribution to raising human consciousness & generating a ripple effect of health & wellness.


Using the principles she teaches, Jane Curnow has transformed her own life from a suicidal, pill popping, binge eating/drinking, body loathing, drunken party girl at 40 years old to a vibrant, energetic, bursting with health & loving her body & life fitness model at 50 years young!  She now passes on her proven process to thousands of women globally. Jane combines a unique blend of love, spiritual insight and natural healing approach to achieve profound, deep transformations in health, fitness & personal growth for her clients. Since transitioning away from a 30 year corporate career to fulfill her mission for this lifetime to serve, support, motivate & inspire women she’s never been happier.


Janes incredible journey has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets including The Morning Show, The Daily Edition, New Idea, The Daily Mail, News.com and My Body & Soul.

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