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Nourish your Mind

Are you Passionate about Health?

May 2016

If you had told me 5 years ago that I would become a fitness model, bodybuilder, health coach, author and be fully recovered from depression I would have thought you were mad! I have spent a life time searching for answers to my unhappiness and I have stumbled across the solution completely by accident. You can read the full story of my journey in my book but I wanted to share with you one of the major components that has got me where I am today. My studies and ongoing affiliation with the Institution of Integrative Nutrition® (IIN).

I have battled depression my entire adult life. I have searched and searched for the answers to a happy life and why it alluded me. I have tried every pill/therapist/book/course/diet etc.  And while my entire life was far from fulfilling in every area, and I was certainly searching on all fronts, I want to talk specifically about my search for a more rewarding career here.

I have never been the academic type. I have always resented the concept of learning via memory. So many subjects at school did not appeal to me so memorising information on these subjects in order to pass an exam I felt was an inappropriate way to learn. As a result, I only scraped through school and I didn’t go to university after I finished year 12 much to my mother’s horror! Society seems to measure intelligence by qualifications so I didn’t think I was very smart. School and society also educate that with or without formal qualifications, in order to earn money you must get a job. I didn’t think there was any other way to get by in life.

I did make numerous attempts over the years to conform to this must have additional formal qualifications mindset. I started two different degrees; one in maths and one in accounting only to drop out. I have also started many other courses through TAFE and various colleges, searching for that fulfilling career, but once again dropping out. The career I had fallen into did not have any official qualifications until recently and coupled with my opinion that I wasn’t smart I just plodded along in the rat race, hating Mondays and spending the week counting down to the weekend or the next holiday.The only course I actually did complete is when my fallen into career began to be more recognised as a profession and in 1997 I became qualified for the first time since leaving school in 1984. I seemed to be good at my job, it paid the bills so I stuck with it for 30 years…

I first heard about health coaching back stage at my first bodybuilding competition, 5 mins before my call out on stage! I decided I needed to connect with my fellow competitors in order to feel more secure while under the spotlight. I actually wanted to pee my pants and run for my life but that’s another story! I can’t believe I even remembered that conversation given the state I was in. But I did and 24 hours later when I had come back down to earth and regained some sense of normality after eating real food again I googled and found the Institute of Integrative Nutrition®.

I was instantly drawn to their health coaching program. I joined a live call to find out more about it, looked at their curriculum, sampled a class, spoke to a recruiter and signed up within a week. After all the dozens of courses I had started and dropped out, after all my searching for over 30 years I was finally being led in the right direction. I graduated from their yearlong course in April 2014.

“I have noticed that as people improve their health, they become empowered to pursue the life of their dreams – the life they came here to live.”

Joshue Rosenthal

What is health coaching? Health coaching extends the life coaching concept to include the health of your body, mind and spirit. You see, it is very difficult to achieve anything in life if you don’t address any health or weight issues and generally these issues are not just about food! Nutritionists/Dieticians will only look at the food component, doctors only give you 15 mins of their time and are not even trained in nutrition, life coaches will help you set and move towards your goals however none of these professions take a holistic approach and appreciate the impact that the health of your body has on every aspect of your life. And certainly none of these professions have come close to reversing the epidemic of obesity and sickness rampant in society today. If we add health coaches to this mix of wellness professionals, I believe that collectively we can have a huge impact on the future health of this planet. For more information on what health coaching is click here.

What is the Institute of Integrative Nutrition® difference? Like I mentioned earlier, I am not an academic and I hate learning via memory. IINs health coaching course is delivered in such a way that you don’t even feel like you are studying. It is like you are on a journey of discovery, surrounded by support, encouraged and motivated, inspired while generating a feeling of belonging to a likeminded community that is part of a very positive global movement. The lecturers are passionate, knowledgeable and well known within the wellness space and you are given the opportunity to not only learn about but are encouraged to try 100 different dietary theories. IIN are very much about bio-individuality, what works for one person may not work for another and you gain an understanding of what this means. Click here for further info.

Health coaching is the upcoming profession of the 21st century. IIN are lobbying congress in the US for support and recognition for the vital role we can play in resolving the global health crisis. We are also lifting the veil on how this crisis has come about and are challenging the social norm.

As a proud graduate and member of this movement it was only natural that I also became an ambassador. I would simply LOVE to be able to inspire more people to do this course and join me on this incredible journey I am on. I can offer you exclusive savings to access this life changing course. Yes; I do receive a commission if you are wondering! But my reward is not just monetary, it is knowing that I have contributed to this growing community and together we are making a difference.

If you would like to have a personal discussion with me regarding the course, IIN, or anything I have just written please click here to contact me or write a comment below. I LOVE talking about my passion in life!

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

Nourish your Mind

Magic in Your Mind

March 2016

“You were born to do more than just go to work, pay bills and die.”

Part of my journey of awakening over the last few years has opened my eyes to concepts that I had never explored or studied in depth before.  I had been exposed to them in various forms but never really understood them until recently.  The Secret was released 10 years ago this year.  When it first came out I watched it over and over convinced I had found the answer to my misery.  I did a number of the exercises and recommendations only to be disappointed. My life didn’t change; what was I doing wrong? At least I was given the opportunity to watch such a movie; I am not sure that many seek out this type of information as clearly if more people were utilising this power then the world would not be in such a bad place!

Only 3% of the population (who happen to be the rich and successful population) are aware of this power and, believe it or not, we all have this incredible power within our own minds.  We allow ourselves to be exposed to extreme negativity through all media channels and wonder why life is so hard.  We choose to allow ourselves to be influenced and swept along like sheep that will eventually threaten life as we know it.  Climate change is now no longer a fantasy but a fact.

One of the many techniques I use to strengthen my mind, to stay focused and disciplined for my diet and training, and to bring about the life I want is to listen to, watch, read and study a few motivational and inspirational gurus. There were numerous people featured in The Secret, all of who individually preach the same message; some resonate with me more than others.  Equally I go through different phases of focusing on one and then returning to another.  I have learnt to listen to my intuition of which motivational speaker will support me at any given time.

They all have a different way of conveying the same message; of how to use this powerful mind that we have been gifted, of how their journey has led them to incredible success utilising this power.  Sometimes I am learning from a book written a very long time ago on living your dream life.  Or I am listening to already successful people such as Oprah, who understand and have utilised this power so well. Or I am listening to a more spiritual form whereby spirit is actually communicating to us of these universal laws that we have access to within our own minds.

The thing is, this power is available to all of us.  It is not luck that these successful people have such a dream life; they create it!  They deliberately create it and they do it with their mind.  Think about the modern conveniences we have today such as electricity, the car or aeroplane; where do you think the seeds of these history altering inventions started?  They all started out as an idea in a human beings mind.  They all started out with a human being believing, without a shadow of a doubt, that their idea would come to fruition.  Against all odds they believed.  You don’t think Henry Ford was not ridiculed for his idea of developing a motor car…?

I am not suggesting that you are intended to create something to change the way we live life (if you believe you can, you will!) I am just encouraging you to take an interest in this information if your life is not the ideal life you want it to be; if your dream life alludes you.  If you haven’t got the money, the relationship, the career or whatever is lacking in your life.  Open your mind to where anything is possible.  Because anything is actually possible!  We hear of miracles happening all the time; what makes you think it can’t happen to you?  It is your belief in your own mind that prevents this “luck” from appearing in your own life.

It is imperative in order to be successful with these theories to obtain some control over your monkey mind.  This information did not get through to me when I was living the life of a party girl, drinking, socialising, out every weekend and having no appreciation of my own thoughts. That is what I was doing wrong! It is space, silent space, alone space, being present in the moment space, that is when these lessons start to resonate.  That is when ideas are formulated. Not while the mind is busy, busy, busy.

I know what you are thinking; I don’t have the time…  I really don’t have much time in my day either with a full time job, heavy training schedule, food prep, adequate sleep, life admin.  We all have hectic busy lives.  But I make the time to expose myself to this positive influence every day if I can.  I choose to influence my mind with this positivity rather than the constant stream of negativity from the media.   For me this is my commute time.  There is time in your day if you choose to prioritise your time accordingly.  Is Facebook or TV more important than propelling you towards your dream life?

I know what you are thinking next.  This is a load of hooey and it won’t work for me.  It is only for the lucky ones, the intelligent, the gifted, the whatever.  You have heard the rags to riches stories; what makes you think it can’t be you?  You don’t think Anthony Robbins or Oprah were born into their current life…?  There are people that were once homeless who are now hugely rich and successful.  They didn’t win Lotto, they didn’t inherit a large sum of money; they all used the one thing that we all already have.  Their mind.

I am currently going through a Bob Proctor phase.  The way he speaks really resonates with me at the moment.  He is not too spiritual, he shares the information with such passion and in depth knowledge that has you believing 100%, he speaks in a way that is easy to follow and understand.  His teachings are based on a few authors, with some written many years ago.  Napoleon Hill and Earl Nightingale to name a couple.

If you are destined to be in enlightened in this lifetime you will at some point be drawn to this information.  All happy and successful people are.  Even if you are not ready I would still strongly encourage you to click on this link and watch Bob in action. I am also an affiliate and endorse his work.  I don’t do many endorsements; I am a pretty hard marker just quietly… If you undertake any of Bob’s programs I know that it will be a game changer.

There are a few others that I rotate through; Dr Joe VitaleEster & Jerry Hicks and John Assaraf are my regulars.  The number of these influential gurus is growing and I would encourage you to find one that resonates with you.  Watching The Secret is a good place to start.

Life is not meant to be lived in mediocrity.  Why do too many of us settle for an ordinary life?  We were not born to just join the rat race, work the 9 to 5 grind, pay bills and die. I am always astounded at the unhappy faces I see on the bus on their way to a job they hate.  5 out of 7 days of their week they hate; that is around 70% of their life.  This is not living!  I know it seems impossible when the bills are piling up, believe me I have been there!  And while I am not quite there yet I know I am definitely on the road to living a life I LOVE!  And I am doing all I can to get there.

What do you want?  What do you really want?  What are you doing to get it?  What are you doing to improve your life?  To fulfil your dreams?

 “Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and drive through traffic in a car you are still paying for in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”

Ellen Goodman

Nourish your Mind

12 Strategies for Dealing with Toxic People

September 2015

Dealing with toxic people is never easy, especially when it can be a close relationship, family member or colleague.  I seem to have been blessed with many in my time; I say blessed as without the challenges I have faced with these difficult relationships I would not have reached the self-awareness I now have of my own short comings and the realisation that I used to be a toxic person myself!

Lets start with what is a toxic person.   We know that being around toxic people has a negative impact on us, and often in subtle ways that we don’t even realise, but what defines a toxic person? I actually don’t think that the person is toxic but more their behaviour is toxic to you and/or their relationship with you.  And they may not be toxic to everyone depending on where others are in their spiritual journey.  More often than not the person is either deeply wounded and/or struggles with a lack of self-worth.  It is important to realise that their behaviour is not about you but about their own internal demons that they have yet to form an awareness of and may never.    And I would hazard a guess that most people don’t even realise that their behaviour is toxic due to this lack of self-awareness.

Typical behaviour can include:

  • Creating drama in their lives or be surrounded by it (this was me!)
  • Trying to manipulate or control others (making you feel guilty)
  • Being needy (constantly needing contact with you)
  • Talking about themselves endlessly (its all about them all of the time)
  • Use others to meet their needs (only contacting you when it suits them or they want something)
  • Overly and openly critical and judgemental of you and others (talks about others behind their backs constantly)
  • Bemoaning their bad luck (which they consistently attract)
  • Moody (one minute nice & cheerful the next minute sullen & rude) (me again!)

They are also usually in poor health and/or get sick often as a negative approach to life does not align with premium health and negativity generally manifests physically.  

It is important to realise that you play a role in toxic interactions Your reaction can either fuel or diffuse the toxicity; if you are self-aware and prepared to take on the challenge you may just be able to either change the behaviour and/or provide support to guide them to a better place in life.   Note I said change the behaviour, actually changing someone is near impossible all you can do is change your reaction to their behaviour.  You only have control of you! 

It is important to recognise the signs, if you cant define the affect it is having on you it is difficult to do anything about it.  Here are is a list of signals you may have a toxic relationship in your life:

  • You find yourself emotionally affected and/or getting involved with their drama
  • You dread or even fear being around them
  • You are exhausted or feel angry while with them or after the interaction
  • You feel bad or ashamed about yourself ie. it is affecting your own self worth
  • You are stuck in a cycle of trying to rescue, fix or care for them
  • When you are with them you feel like you are walking on eggshells
  • You lash out because you feel misunderstood or not listened to and arguments go round in circles
  • You withdraw and find yourself hiding your true self to either please and/or keep the peace. (I have spent my whole life doing this one!)

So what can you do about it?  I have to confess there is no easy way and I seem to take a different approach depending on the behaviour and relationship.   Here are my top 12 strategies for dealing with toxic relationships;

  1. Set Boundaries.  You can’t please everyone in this life and toxic people will have you believing that you can’t please anyone so you end up trying harder, compromising more, working harder to keep the peace; it’s exhausting!  Take the time to clarify exactly what you will and won’t tolerate and why.   Listen to that voice inside of you that tells you when something is not right, it is rarely wrong.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of what is right and wrong; trust yourself and own it!  Now you are prepared in advance of what you will and won’t tolerate.
  2. You don’t need to explain. No is a complete sentence and can be a very powerful response on its own. You don’t need to justify yourself, make excuses or try and explain yourself to someone who is committed to misunderstanding you. As soon as you go into explanations you are opening yourself up to an argument. Say no and be done with the conversation.
  3. Self-Control. This comes with self-awareness. You really don’t have to participate in every argument you are invited to. You don’t have to react to every feeling or emotion you have. I call this emotional maturity! Creating conflict is often the only way toxic people know how to connect; it makes them feel noticed and important. Learn self-control, practice tip one and two and save your energy for the people that matter.
  4. Practice self-compassion. Often after or during an interaction we feel bad; irritated or angry, depressed or drained, ashamed or unhappy which in turn raises cortisol which is not good for our health. As an introvert, I need time alone to regain my strength, to detox from the situation and acknowledge my feelings but digging deep to not react to these feelings! Try creating a feeling of love and happiness towards yourself, pat your pet, read an inspirational book or passage, go for a walk, meditate, practice deep breathing, exercise. 
  5. Practice empathy. Be understanding, respectful and compassionate. Realise that their behavior is caused by internal suffering and have empathy for their difficulty. You can reject their behavior and requests in a respectful manner without the smart ass comments! Try and find something positive about the person (there is always something!) and focus on that. Make a list of their positive attributes. Focusing on, dwelling on and talking with others about their negative attributes is not going to help the situation and does not show compassion. (and actually makes you become a little toxic by constantly complaining about them!) Now that I can see how I projected my inner struggles on to others I see nothing but compassion for those who behave this way.
  6. Don’t RSVP to the Pity Party. Toxic people are masters at creating drama and then they wonder why they are always in a crisis. When you get the call for the latest drama don’t ask questions, remain unemotional, indifferent and don’t offer help. I know this can feel bad but remember you are not dealing with a real crisis, in fact you are not dealing with a normal person…
  7. Have an honest chat. If you can reach a place of compassion for the other person (which may take a while!), talk to them. I can appreciate this can be difficult when they are not being compassionate or peaceful towards you but be the better person. Rise above the situation. Try connecting with them, share hard times that you have been through and how you dealt with it. Ask them if they are ok? You might just get them to open up about their struggles. Or try asking them what it is they are passionate about in life, what is their favourite hobby; find something positive in their life and change the subject to that. Or maybe you could try explaining how their behaviour makes you feel in a non-accusing way; avoiding an argument at all costs!
  8. Model the behavior you want to see. Behaving badly just because someone else is behaving badly towards you is hypocritical! Don’t lower yourself to their negative level; again, be the better person, rise above the situation. Reacting negatively only adds fuel to the fire and feeds the toxicity encouraging more. Be an example of how to deal with frustration; calmly and peacefully! Remain positive in all interactions; present a positive solution to all complaints in a calm manner. Misery loves company and if you drown them with positivity it will send them for a loop! Negative people don’t take well to the conversation being abruptly changed to something positive. Put a positive spin on every remark and the next time they are looking for someone to dump their negative energy on they will bypass you!
  9. Limit one on one time. If you must see this person ensure it is in a group setting. This way you are not the only one on the receiving end of the negativity and there are others to help you absorb the negative comments. Also means you may have to avoid actually speaking to them at all!
  10. Surround yourself with positive people. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Whether we like it or not we are heavily influenced by those we allow into our space. We seem to be very selective about our partner in life and don’t use the same strict criteria for friends, family or work colleagues. Once you are friends with someone doesn’t mean you have to be for life. If you think you need to find new friends find a new hobby, be open to new friendships, try the website “Meet Up”. In a work situation my new philosophy is don’t pick the company or even the job, pick the boss and your team! If it is a family member why does blood mean you have to stay connected? It is very, very sad to realise that your family may be having a negative impact on you but it is not uncommon!
  11. Forgive. Yes; forgive them! Forgiveness is not about the other person, it is about your own inner peace. Forgiveness does not mean accepting or approving of the behavior, it simple means you let go of trying to control their behavior and its control over you. Forgiveness is about self-love and inner strength.
  12. Get out the scissors! Cutting people out of your life is harsh but sometimes you need to put your own well-being first. And it doesn’t have to be a ceremonious execution (although sometimes this is warranted!) Just stop initiating contact and be so busy with your own life and goal achieving activities that they just naturally fall away. Life is constantly moving and changing, not everyone is meant to be in your life until the end. I have pretended to be someone I am not all my life largely due to the people around me; I have fought a long and lonely road to gain my self-respect and I now I have no problems protecting it at all costs. Selfish? Damn right! You get one shot at life why waste your time on people and situations that are dragging you down!

You deserve to be happy!  You deserve to be surrounded by people who lift you up and allow you to be the best version of you possible.  Who support and encourage you, who propel you towards your goals in life who accept you just the way you are and who you can be yourself around.  Never settle for less!

"You become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely."

Jim Rohn

Nourish your Mind

Music Therapy

July 2015

As I sit here typing this I have Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) by Mark Ronson on repeat.  I would have listened to this song maybe 50 times in the last few days plus watched the video clip a dozen times.   Why?  Because I LOVE it!  Because it makes me feel good.  Because it makes me sing and dance.  Because the lyrics are just perfect for feeling good about yourself.  Too hot!  Don’t believe me just watch 😉

Have you had or have a song that when you hear it makes you want to sing out loud and dance with reckless abandon?  In those moments you feel fully alive, full of energy and truly happy.  And all because you hear a few chords strung together in the right sequence.  Music can have an enormous impact on us; it can lift your mood, put a smile on your face and add immeasurable quality to your day and life. 

It can also have the opposite effect…  A sad song that brings back painful memories or a time in your life that wasn’t happy can all of a sudden see tears involuntarily well up in your eyes.  Even if that time in your life was years ago, music can still move you to feel those painful emotions over again.

Music can also make education fun for children.  There are many groups such as the Wiggles who have been very successful in putting words to music in such a way that children don’t realise they are learning while they are having fun.

Music brings people together.  Whether it is a group of friends jamming in the garage, musicians playing in an orchestra or band that we go to watch and listen or a good old karaoke sing a long music is in all of us and there is a certain connection between us when we come together with music.

Music truly is the language of the universe that has no boundaries of communication.
  Whether we as humans speak a different language or even pets, birds and whales understand music to a certain degree.

So how can we use this incredible gift to enhance our life and wellbeing?  Here are my top 5 tips on how I incorporate music into my life to lift my mood and get me motivated!

  1. Build a collection of inspirational and motivational songs on your smart phone or ipod so you can listen to music that fills your heart with joy every single day.  With the incredible range of ear buds available you can listen to music almost anywhere.   On your commute, at work if your job permits; the last thing I do before I walk out the door in the morning is put on a uplifting song to ensure I start my day with a spring in my step!
  2. There is not an athlete in the world who doesn’t use music to motivate themselves and we all know every gym in the world has music pumping to motivate you to exercise.  Pick your favourite work out tracks and incorporate them into your exercise regime to motivate you to push harder!
  3. To share with friends or that special someone.  There is nothing like happy music in the background as you catch up with friends aka party!  I usually have one of the music channels on like Max so that there is the visual video clip as well.  Or change the mood for that special someone with something more romantic or sexy!
  4. We have all walked into a day spa for a massage and heard that relaxing new age music. Easier enough to put on your smartphone and time it for say 20 mins if you have trouble sleeping music can help you find your zzzzz’s.   You could even find music that has subliminal affirmations to reprograming your subconscious as you drift off!  Topic for another blog!
  5. Never underestimate the power of driving along and singing along at the top of your voice! Guaranteed to lift your mood!  I also play music while I am doing the housework; similar affect!

Music has played a huge role in my life in my battle with depression.  I have used it to block out the world and ensure I am protected from anything sad.  So many girl power songs have been played over and over and over! 

Nourish your Mind

Mentor Therapy

May 2015

Having a mentor or coach is a relatively new concept and if you ask any successful business entrepreneur or athlete they will have a number of professionals supporting them and propelling them towards their goals.  It is even becoming more common in the corporate world with executives seeking the assistance of a career coach.   So is this a concept that we can apply to our everyday lives?  Do our dreams or issues warrant the services of a coach?  And are their people already in your life that you admire, look up to and you would consider a mentor albeit in an informal way?

I would not be where I am today without my coaches and mentors and the funny thing is, with a few of them, I didn’t really seek out and search for these people in a formal way.   And while my journey to stage was the catalyst to create my support team, I don’t think they realise the huge impact they have had on me, nor are they officially titled with mentor or coach.   I have attracted to me some truly amazing individuals who inspire me and believe in me and I now look at the concept of searching for help, aka therapy, in a very different way.

Traditional therapy is where we are conditioned to turn to for help.  Psychologists, psychiatrists and psychoanalysts; I have seen dozens and been in and out of therapy since the age of 16!   So many of us carry emotional scars from childhood; I am certainly not unique there.   And when Medicare covers the cost of traditional therapy it is naturally the place we will turn to.

Traditional therapy sessions are usually spent talking, analysing and dissecting events of the past to establish why we are still suffering.  Whether it be events from childhood or the events of last week. And while there is some value in being aware of the events that shape us I am not sure that reliving the past over and over is a healthy way to approach the future.  The past is just a story you keep telling yourself in your mind, it is not real, you can’t get in your car and drive there, so why keep telling yourself a story that hurts?  It is important to forgive and be at peace with your past sure, but every session I would walk out in tears and feeling worse!  Is this negative energy propelling me towards my goals and a happier life?

I have tried alternative modalities as well…. kinesiology, hypnotherapy, energetic and transformational healing and I do feel these are far more positive and beneficial.  But sadly these are not covered by Medicare or private health funds so although I persisted it was becoming very expensive!

I always associated mentors and coaches with successful people.  I certainly didn’t think that a broken person like me would fit the ideal client profile.  I therefore didn’t seek out this type of professional to help me.  With my decision to compete and become a fitness model I naturally sort out experts to assist me to achieve this goal.  As I was not seeking this help to “fix” me of course I felt comfortable to engage with these professionals. 

It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve in life, there is someone out there who has either already achieved it and/or can mentor and support you to achieve it.  Far more positive and productive that traditional therapy don’t you think?  Here are my top tips for selecting the right coach for you:

  1. Set your goal – I know this can be a tough one when all you feel is unhappy with life in general. What is missing in your life?  Where do you want to be in a years time?  Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time?  What are you passionate about?  Is it career, relationship or health related?
  2. Field of expertise – there are many different types of coaches out there these days.  A life coach is the most common and are good for career and relationship goals however, as I am biased.. lol!  I don’t believe you can achieve anything in life without your body being in premium condition.   Health coaches are a relative new profession that combine your wellbeing in its entirety.   If you have a more specific goal related to fitness then a personal trainer, yoga instructor etc.  If you are just looking at physical goals however make sure you dig a bit deeper; is losing weight tied to your self-worth….?  Executive coaches specialise in career focused goals.   Most entrepreneurs will have different coaches and mentors along their journey to success;  from start up, to launching, to social media, to building a client base, there is a business coach out there who can support and guide you.
  3. Characteristics – for me this is the clincher.  If I am going to move forward towards my goals I need to admire, respect and look up to anyone who is supporting me.  This is like any relationship in your life and just as you are selective with your friends and partner you should be with someone you are going to pay money to support you.   Thoroughly read their website, like their Facebook page; do their posts and philosophy attract you?  Read their testimonials.  Read about their story; can you relate?  You are looking for respect, integrity, professionalism and above all do they inspire you!
  4. Investment – if you want to fast track change and engage support to do so there is no getting around it will cost money.  I spent a fortune on my journey, but I also spent a fortune the previous 30 odd years on traditional therapy that got me nowhere.  Which fortune would you rather spend?   I resent the traditional therapy cost but I don’t for one second regret the cost I have paid to finally find myself.   I prefer to spend at least 3 months with my clients; doesn’t seem much if you have been battling for how many years?
  5. Commit – This is your future we are talking about, this is your life!  Life is not meant to be lived in mediocrity, life is not meant to be lived unhappy.  I promise you the sacrifices you make now will be worth it tenfold when you realise your dreams and get to a place of empowerment and peace.

When you are sitting in the old folks home what stories are you going to reminisce over that are going to make you feel proud?   That you can look back on with a feeling of accomplishment?  What will give your life meaning and purpose so you can feel satisfied that you have lived a fulfilling life?  The time is now to create this life and there are loads of professionals out there who have made it their life mission to help you!!

Nourish your Mind

Media Free Diet

February 2015

I don’t think I realised the influence of the media on my attitude, thoughts, mood, opinion, time, health and spending until I eliminated it from the majority of my life.   I didn’t make a snap decision, in fact I don’t think I ever made a conscious decision, it has happened organically over time due to lifestyle changes and the pursuit of my passion and dreams.  And as I have travelled along this journey of self-discovery I have discovered more people who have made this change and they would all recommend this simple adjustment to your time to have a massive impact on your life and on those around you.

Lets consider a few negative aspects of the media:

Health – there are numerous studies that draw direct parallels with obesity, poor eating habits and watching TV.  We have all sat their mindlessly eating while watching and low and behold the whole packet has gone!  And how about, there is no time to cook a healthy meal because my favourite show starts in 10 mins….

Distraction – it distracts us from real people.  Have you been chatting to a friend on the phone only to realise your favourite show is about to start and so excuse yourself….?  So many characters on TV are not real and yet they have been very cleverly designed to be more interesting than talking to your friends and family?  It also distracts you from yourself.  My neighbour, as soon as she walks through the door the TV goes on (sadly I can hear all of this!)  TV is an escape but aren’t you escaping from yourself and your life?

Spending – corporations spend millions on advertising through all forms of the media not on the hope that they will influence your spending, they know they will!  And the advertising campaigns twist facts so far from the truth…  and sadly we believe them!

Satisfaction – according to studies those that watch TV every night report less satisfaction with life, higher materialistic aspirations and more anxiety.  And where do you think we get our ideas of what a beautiful woman looks like?!  We are constantly comparing ourselves to people in the media instead of focusing on ourselves and our life.

Intimacy – couples who have a TV in the bedroom have sex half as often as those who don’t…

Sensationalism – the media is a business, big business!  Just the same as advertising campaigns, stories on the news and current affairs are dramatized to suck you in.  “Cant miss episode”  “Show of the year”  They play on your fear of missing out!  Added to that the facts are twisted and manipulated in order to grab your attention and make you watch their channel; why is it we believe whatever we are told by A Current Affair without doing our own research? 

Depression – has been my constant companion all my life.  Why would I expose myself to all the negative news and make myself feel worse?  Do you really need to know about the old lady who was bashed and robbed?  As sad as it is, hearing about it is not only depressing in installs fear.  Its no coincidence that when the media air a story about the latest flu epidemic that all of a sudden doctors and hospitals are flooded with new patients.  And it is no coincidence that the Paris hostage situation occurred so soon after Martin Place….  We are all connected by energy and if you tap into that negative energy… 

I haven’t watched main stream television for over 10 years.  I have not watched the news for even longer.  Have I missed out on anything earth shattering?  No.  I hear about dramatic, world changing events in my Facebook news feed!!  I couldn’t possibly train to the level I do, cook and prepare my food, get enough sleep, work, do household chores and study if I was tied to the TV schedule.  Any left over time is for my friends!

So if you agree with the negative impact the media plays in your life how do you go about changing your lifestyle…  Here are my top tips:

  1. Be intentional about filling in the time – have a family meal where you actually talk to each other, take the time to cook a gourmet meal, go for a walk, take a class, talk to a friend! go to the gym, find a new hobby, read, study; create positive habits that contribute to your development and the pursuit of your dreams.
  2. Less is more – you don’t have to eliminate all TV!  I am not suggesting a complete black out.  Be selective of the shows you watch and watch only those shows; try and make them educational. If you find yourself surfing and looking for something to watch it is time to find a new hobby!
  3. Reduce the number of TVs – when I grew up we had one TV (and only 4 channels!)  Now it seems normal to have 3 or 4!  Why?
  4. Go it alone – maybe who you live with may not be supportive.  So start developing your own new habits, be the change you want to see in your family and when they see the exciting new life you are creating for yourself they will be more inclined to change.
  5. It will get easier – like any habit the more you do it the easier it gets.  And when you start filling in the time with more meaning, life will become more meaningful.

Change is hard.  But some changes have a greater benefit and impact on all areas of your life than others.  Watching less television and switching off from the media in general just may be your quickest shortcut to a healthier, more relaxed way of living.  And all it takes is to pick up the remote and hit the off button 🙂