Business Opportunity

Passive Income for Life!

If you don't want to work with me as a client how about becoming a member of my team?!  I am looking for like minded people who have a passion for  helping others achieve premium health and wellness.

  • Are you a stay at home Mum looking to supplement your income?
  • Are you tired of the rat race and looking for a way out of the 9 to 5 grind?
  • Are you looking towards retirement and looking for a way to build wealth to ensure you retire in style and have a stable income?
  • And more importantly do you LOVE making a positive impact on peoples health and life?

I know what you are thinking; its that direct marketing, pyramid thing.  Ask yourself where you have gotten this negative view of multi-level marketing (MLM)?  Have you had first hand experience in this life changing method of earning an income?  Consider this:

  • Every organisation is a pyramid with the CEO at the top, the executive team, then managers, then you! And which layer earns the most money...?
  • Whatever your level is of an MLM organisation you have the opportunity to earn the same amount or more than the CEO!
  • A job requires your presence to earn money. In direct marketing you can earn money day and night even while you sleep!
  • Working in an organisation you are competing against others for that promotion, to rise to the next level to earn more. In an MLM organisation your success is my success; you are supported and encouraged to move beyond.
  • Network Marketing creates more millionaires than any other business model!

Need more convincing?

"If I was given a chance to start all over again... I would choose network marketing" - Bill Gates

"The Network Marketing industry offers a ready-made business system to anyone wanting to take control of their financial future" - Robert Kiyosaki

"If I lost everything and had to start over I would find a good network marketing company and start working" - Donald Trump

So if you have read this far then I have your attention 🙂  The product is my miracle supplement that you can read all about under The Perfect Supplement menu on my website.  I believe in this product 100% which is why I have chosen to go into business to share the incredible health and wellbeing that I experience and you will too!

The company behind Laminine is LifePharm Global Network. (LPGN)

LPGN was established in 2011 in Orange County, California, USA. Within a year of opening LPGN ranked in the top 100 MLM companies in the US. In 2013 it was awarded the top direct marketing company in the world. It has boomed across the globe with its patented products and is opening in a new country every week. In 2015 it was included in the American PDR (physicians desk reference) so is now endorsed by the medical community. And now you have the opportunity to be a part of this growth in Australia in its very early stages. With only a few distributors here this is an exciting time to be joining this company that has unlimited potential.

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If all of this resonates with you and you are keen to join my team please contact me now!