Hey there gorgeous woman!

Thank you so much for dropping in to my website.  I am honoured and humbled that you have taken the time to check me out!

Let me formally introduce myself: my name is Jane Curnow, I am a personal trainer, health & nutrition coach and inspirational leader to women across the globe.  I am also an author & fitness model at 55 years young!

I stand for our birthright to experience premium health & wellness in body, mind & spirit through our connection to Mother Natures bountiful gifts & the power of our own mind.

I empower women to reclaim their health, fitness, body confidence & freedom through lifestyle & mindset transformations. I do this through personal training, private mentoring & online digital courses. Plus by sharing all my skeletons & lessons learned daily on social media.

After a lifetime of suffering from eating disorders, body shame, addictions & associated emotional issues including clinical depression & anxiety I self healed naturally and ironically through the aesthetic sport of bodybuilding.

Pursing more vanity & fueled by a toxic ego I decided to debut as a fitness model at 46. Through my intense journey to stage I stumbled across the answers to my misery I had searched a lifetime for purely by accident!

I declared myself fully recovered in 2016 for my 50th birthday which I celebrated on stage in a bikini!  As you do!

A birthday I swore I would be dead for only 4 years prior. More detail about my journey here.

As a result of my years of heartache, self-loathing and now recovery I am totally obsessed & passionate about health, wellness & empowering women to feel as AMAZING as I do!

Goodbye eating disorders, depression, anxiety, overwhelm.  HELLO vitality, energy, passion & purpose!

My mission in life is now to support you achieve what I have!  To transform your body & life as I have transformed my own!

It breaks my heart to see so many women suffer as I used to.

It would be my honour and deepest pleasure to be by your side on your journey of transformation.  To share all that I have learned and incorporated into my own life to achieve INCREDIBLE results!

It is not rocket science but we are not taught this in school.  It is not your fault you don't know! I didn't know either! And now I do and I will teach you!

I believe it is our birthright to feel empowered and passionate about life!

I have a dream...  a vision for all women.

A world that fosters and celebrates our uniqueness.

Where we all:

♥ Eat with love not fear

♥ Feel confident & comfortable in our own skin

♥ Know what it feels like to own a vital, energetic, healthy body

♥ Feel worthy and deserving of anything our hearts desire

♥ Feel deeply connected to our inner voice & intuition

♥ Worship our bodies as the sacred temple it is

♥ Know what it feels like to experience happiness from the inside

♥ Have the ability to be kind & loving without projecting insecurities or judgement onto others

♥ Know that self-care & kindness is the path to self-acceptance

♥ Know that self-love & compassion is the path to obtaining & keeping our dream body

♥ Look in the mirror and feel pride for the incredible woman we all are

♥ Feel safe to embrace and be our beautiful authentic self

♥ Live life with passion and purpose

♥ Lovingly speak our truth and SHINE in all our fabulousness

 Why do too many of us not feel like this??!! 

  • Do you feel constant pressure to be slim, youthful and beautiful?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed & anxious?
  • Do you feel stressed out & unable to cope?
  • Do you feel guilty for struggling all the time?
  • Do you count calories with no regard to nutritional value?
  • Do you think you will finally be happy with yourself and your life once you achieve your dream body?
  • Do you think you will finally be happy with your life once you get the man, house, kids, job, money etc. etc.?
  • Are you scared you will lose your man or he will cheat if you don't get skinny?
  • Do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror? Naked..?
  • Do you feel fat, tired, unhealthy, stressed, blah?
  • Do you feel teary, anxious, worried and don't really know why?
  • When was the last time you felt sexy, beautiful, confident, empowered and freakin awesome about yourself?!

Did any of the above questions resonate with you or make you feel uncomfortable...?

I am wondering when was the last time you had someone really listen to you about your health and wellness, your fears and concerns, your frustrations and feelings with the personal attention you deserve?

I would LOVE to hear how your journey of life has got you to a place where you just need a little support to be the best you can be.

I KNOW I can banish your fears and empower you to BE the BEST you!