The Purposeful Overhaul

The Purposeful Overhaul

6 month package

12 x 1 hour coaching sessions

Life feels out of control too much of the time..

You have completely lost your mojo.

You cant remember the last time you felt sexy and jazzed about life.

You feel tired, stressed, fat and stuck.

Nothing seems to be going right in any area of your life.

You have identified with too much of my journey and feel uncomfortable about nearly every question you have read on my website.

You are feeling overwhelmed and have no idea where to begin.

You might even feel a little shy to admit some of the issues that you try so hard to keep hidden.  But you have reached a point where you know you need help.

Trust me; I have been to all these places and worse.  I am all over the full overhaul and you don’t have to go through the extremes I did I promise!

We will work together to slowly make small adjustments, at a pace you can handle, to turn your life, health and weight around.

This is my favourite package as I simply LOVE fast tracking my journey so you don't have to waste any more time!

Life is supposed to be lived with PASSION, VITALITY & PURPOSE!  I cant WAIT for you to join me in this JOYOUS space!

 This package includes:

  • 12 fortnightly one hour 1:1 coaching with me
  • Email support throughout the entire 6 months
  • A free copy of my book
  • Notes, videos & resources as applicable
  • Homework!

"You can really tell Jane has a passion for helping others and is so geniuine about it. I cant thank Jane enough for helping me keep sane at a time of need. Her positive vibes and guidance have been a huge reason why I got out of the mess I was in."

As your package is personalized topics will vary depending on your individual needs but in general will include:

Week 1 - Laying the Foundation

Deep dive into where you are 'at' and what is holding you back
Goal Setting
Letting go of perfect & expectations of others
Intro to mind techniques and why they are so important

Week 2 - Nourish Your Mind

Establishing your mind technique tool box
Creating your self-care routine and why it is so important
Elevating your energy levels
Simple tweaks to help you sleep like a baby

Week 3 - Eat for Health

Check in with current eating habits
What are whole foods and why are they so important
Watering for premium health
Meal prep and how it can work for you

Week 4 - Exercise with Intention

Make your workouts work for YOU!
Exercise that doesn't require any block out time in your diary
Exercise that will switch your body to fat burning mode

Week 5 - Limiting Beliefs

Where have your beliefs come from
Identifying the beliefs that don't benefit you
What you can do about them

Week 6 - Passion

What does passion mean to you
Identifying what sets your soul on fire
The importance of incorporating into your life

Week 7 - Home Haven

Why your home environment is important to your wellbeing
De-cluttering and what it means
The power of plants

Week 8 - Routines & Habits

What yours are and if you they are benefiting your wellbeing
The importance of habits to your success
Developing a morning or evening self care routine

Week 9 - Body Love

Why is loving our body so hard and how to overcome
Getting intimate with your partner
What does feeling sexy mean to you and why do we lose our sex drive

Week 10 - Stress

What does stress mean to you
What does stress do to our body
Techniques to handle

Week 11 - Food Challenges

Why we women suffer with eating disorders
Do I really have an issue with food?
Changing your relationship with food

Week 12 - Happiness

Why we are conditioned to search for happiness externally
Learning why happiness comes from within
How to achieve happiness without anti-depressants & therapy

As a client of my coaching program you will...

  • set and accomplish goals in a way that can easily be absorbed into your life.
  • examine the beliefs that hold you back and keep you stuck.
  • talk about self talk and tame that monkey in your mind.
  • create habits that set you up for success.
  • raise your vibration that will have you viewing life from a new level of awareness.
  • create a personalised emotional toolbox that you can whip out any time in the future to support you through hard times.
  • learn to eat to live, not live to eat.
  • work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight while still enjoying life.
  • increase your energy and vitality levels.
  • improve your personal relationships. When you improve the relationship with yourself amazing things happen with those around you!
  • learn the importance of mind health and how to tend to yours.
  • discover that rockin self-confidence outfit that has been at the back of your wardrobe!
  • look in that mirror and LOVE what you see!

All packages include:

  • a initial written questionnaire before we meet so I get a clear snap shot of your life right now.
  • unlimited cyber support between sessions via email. I am very serious when I say I am here for you every step of the way.
  • coaching sessions are over Skype/Zoom/WhatsApp or in person if you prefer and live in Sydney.
  • homework! Yes, you will be given tasks to complete in between sessions. No getting around that a change to your health, mindset and life requires a change in habits. But only at a pace you are comfortable with.
  • take me food shopping with you!  A grocery store visit for clients in Sydney or a review of shopping lists for remote clients.
  • my personal commitment to your health, happiness and success. Please read my testimonials here.

Ready to change your life...?

Book a 45 min complimentary discovery session with me!

And lets see if we are a match to work together on your awesome NEW life!