"I have been in the health & wellness industry for 20 years.  I have practised in my own health and well-being business of 11 years that I am totally passionate about, helping my clients to feel at their optimal best.  But even I felt the need to find someone to help me through some low times this year. Thats when I was drawn to Jane, I wasn't going to confide in just anyone.

The first time I saw Jane was on TV. I knew then that she was who I needed to talk to. I knew she was a strong determined women; you have to be to accomplish what she has in her life.

Jane was the type of coach I needed to get me to where I am now in my life. Feeling so much better about myself and overcoming some family and business issues. Even though she gave me some tough love sometimes she had too to make it sink in. Jane will go over and above so you thrive in all areas of you life, nothing is too hard for her.

With out a word of a lie Jane has been one of the best inspiration in my life. I highly recommend anybody that needs some guidance in their life on any level to contact her. I am so glad I did!"

- Dianne, November 2018

"I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Jane and all the positive changes she has made to my life. With her help and guidance, she has completely turned my life around. I have gone from being largely overweight, with constant pain, just meandering through life with no purpose or goals, and living as an extension of my family with no real value or identity of my own.

Jane has helped bring me back to life!!

I have an increase in energy, I am sleeping better at night, and I have started losing weight. My constant pain has gone!! My personal relationships have all improved, I think clearer, and feel motivated and inspired each day. Jane has helped me see my own self worth. I finally feel like I am living, and not just existing!! I am loving my new happier, healthier lifestyle. I couldn’t have done it without Jane, and will be forever thankful for her help!!"

- Navellen, April 2018

"I am very emotional today… I never realised that I would have that bond with you but your positive energy and enthusiasm has definitely attracted me and created that bond. The first time I met you, I saw a very strong and bold woman which obviously you are indeed but I never realised the golden heart that you also have…..  Jane, you are such a great person and always care for others. You are totally committed and dedicated coach and have so much compassion. You’ve helped me both personally and professionally. You’ve been nurturing me to move into a positive and different direction and push me beyond my own comfort zone. Thank you so much for all the things you have taught me; I am truly grateful."

- Wendynee, December 2017

"Jane has been an absolute inspiration at a time I needed it most.  She has supported, encouraged and helped me look at things differently.  She has a holistic approach on how to feel better about myself again. From fitness to healthy eating to mental health exercises.

You can really tell Jane has a passion for helping others and is so genuine about it. I cant thank Jane enough for helping me keep sane at a time of need. Her positive vibes and guidance have been a huge reason why I got out of the mess I was in. So thank you Jane for everything you have done. The universe definitely put you in my life for a reason and I am so grateful we have crossed paths"

- Erin, May 2017

"Since meeting Jane my life has improved. Jane has given me a better understanding of food. This has improved my health, sleep and of course dropping a couple of dress sizes! I was pushing close to a size 20 and now I'm back in some of my size 16 clothes!

We are told that food is important but we are not really given a good education on what we should eat and why. This information is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Through Jane's guidance I have achieved a balance of healthy eating, exercise and learnt more about moderation of eating those carb loaded sweet things we love, and don’t want to take out of our life completely.

I have suffered from depression and anxiety due to a very bad childhood. By improving my diet and exercise I have also improved my mental health. This is a benefit that I didn’t even think existed, I purely started my weight lose journey to drop some weight. . Over the years I have had counselling for my depressions and anxiety but the best improvement has been in the past few months with Jane. I would have to say it is the best that I have felt in years. I am truly blessed to have met Jane, and I know my life has changed for the better.

If you wanting to improve your weight and /or health and well-being, Jane is definitely the person to be involved in your journey, I highly recommend Janes coaching services"

- Cynthia, December 2015

"Meeting Jane was divine intervention. Coming off from almost a decade of struggle stemming from a run of family, financial and personal issues I spent years juggling depression, medication and psychologists. With every passing year, I loathed myself, my body and although functioning with a husband and kids – I was just doing that - functioning. I was not living and I could not see all the positives in my life as the amount of negativity overwhelmed all of it!

Jane was inspirational. She enabled me to be empowered. Jane taught me invaluable information about my diet and how it affected me. She managed to get through to me that I was in control of my feelings and my life and I had the power to make positive changes. It was something I had read about before, and believed but once a closed the book could not put into practice.

Jane has changed not only my life but that of my family. My family are eating better as I can now make better, more informed choices. I am so much calmer with the kids, with my husband and better at my job. I have shed those few extra kilos but I realise that that wasn’t really the issue... I can see the light now; I can see more positives in my life. It’s honestly just like a heavy cloud lifted and I can now see the amazing view.

I consider myself to still be a work in progress but I say that happily; as I know today is great but I will be better tomorrow, stronger, fitter, and happier. I am even beginning to get my mojo back...something I had thought was gone forever (trust me my husband is thanking Jane too!).

I dare anyone who spends time with this incredible woman not to be inspired. To commit your life to helping others in this way is just amazing in itself, she is an angel for me and I truly am lucky to have met her! I say thank you to Jane but I know words will never quite be enough xxxxxx"

- Antonia, July 2014

"I simply cannot recommend Jane highly enough - I feel blessed to have found her and to have her guidance. She has a natural intuition and understanding and her positivity and genuine manner has helped me through some of my lowest times. I call her my guardian angel and I hope to continue working with her in the future” ​

- Andrea, April 2014

"Jane is such an inspiration to woman of all ages, she is living proof it is possible to look fantastic and be in great shape no matter how old you are. Jane has helped me overcome my many obstacles, through her fabulous and relentless mentoring, in person and over the Internet. I have lost 18 kgs in just 3 months, but more than that my body is more sculptured and I feel so healthy. Loving it and my new life, I highly recommend Jane to help you through it all to become the woman you have always dreamed of being. Thanks Jane xx"

- Sonia, March 2014

"I’ve only know Jane for around six months and during this six months she has changed my outlook on life immensely! She is an inspirational woman from health and fitness to everyday life! I couldn’t have done what I’ve done in the last three months without her continued coaching and support. If you want someone to help change your outlook on life, Jane is your girl."

- Michelle, January 2014